Q. Do extra adults not skating have to pay just to come in?
We do not charge admission for parents and grandparents to come in and watch but if they skate, they will need to be put on your guest list or pay regular admission at the ticket office. All other guests besides parents and grandparents will be charged regular admission prices.

Q. What is the smallest or biggest QUAD/Roller Blade Skate size you rent?
We have size 8 toddlers all the way up to size 14 in adults.
Roller Blades are from size 1 juvenile to 11 in adults and are $5 extra.

Q. What is the age limit for skaters?
If they can fit in skates, they can skate. It is really up to the individual or their parent if they want to assume the risk.

Q. Can we bring a stroller on the floor?
Strollers are not allowed on the skating floor and there is no carrying of children while wearing skates at an anytime.

Q. Can we wear shoes on the floor to help our kids?
All persons on the skating floor have to have skates on, to be on the floor. If a parent wishes to help their child to skate, they must have skates on. We have Skate Mates to help children learn to skate and they can be rented at the skate counter.

Q. Can we bring our own skates?
Yes! As long as they pass inspection at the ticket window, you can wear them on the floor. No Heely shoes, skate boards or scooters allowed.

Q. Do you have food for purchase?
YES!!! We have a full concession with lots of choices. Our menu consists of Coke products, nachos, hot dogs, pretzels, churros, chicken nuggets, chicken tenders, mozzarella sticks, chips, popcorn and a wide variety of candy options.

Q. Can we bring our own food in?
We do not allow outside food or beverages in our facility. A cake is the only exception and you must have a reserved party in order to bring it in.

Q. Can we pay with Debit/Credit?
YES! For all public skating sessions we accept Visa, Mastercard or Discover Card for Skates and Admission but the dollar amount must be $25 or more. Our concession only accepts cash and we have an ATM on site.

Q. Do you sell gift certificates?
We do not offer gift certificates, however we do sale Summer Skate Passes that are good for JUNE thru August.

Q. Do you have a dress code?
YES! Everyone entering must be in compliance with our dress code for the entire stay or they will be asked to leave without a refund. No hats, hoods, bandanas are allowed in the facility. No revealing clothing or sagging pants, no tank tops for men and no tube tops for women. The appropriateness of attire is at the discretion of rink management.

Q. Do you have somewhere to store valuables and personal items?
We have lockers that you can use for $.50.

Q. Do you have a group discount?
We offer group discounts on all weekday public skating sessions but not on weekends. For group rate information please call our office @ 702-645-4892

Q. Do you have Private Parties available?
Yes, we have several options to fit your individual needs. Please call our office @ 702-645-4892 or go to our web site @skatevegas.com/ranch for more information and pricing.

Q. Can I wear my skates in your parking lot as I enter or exit the building?
For safety reasons no one is allowed to wear skates into or out of the building or in the parking lot. You must wear shoes upon entering and exiting our building.

Q. Do you sell skates?
YES!!!! We have a wide variety of roller skates and roller blades. They come in all price ranges, sizes and colors. Please come visit our Pro Shop during open session times to look at our catalog and speak with a qualified representative or go online @skatevegas.com/rancho/proshop.

Q. If we do not want to use regular skate rental can we upgrade to roller blades?
YES! We offer roller blades for an additional $5 in sizes 1 juvenile thru size 11 adults.

Or email us at crystalpalacelv@yahoo.com